IT-Support IT Support Services

Not every company can assign the required resources to an in-house IT staff. From training, to managing, to cost, a full staff IT team can quickly squeeze your budget. And if your requirements are less than full time, you end up paying for downtime, wasting away budget resources that can be allocated in other areas of your operation. We can come in, when you need us, for long-term or short-term projects, and supply you with the equivalent of a full staff at a fraction of the cost.

We can help you with every facet if your technology plan, from the beginning planning stages at the start up stage, to ongoing monthly support and growth and expansion facilitation. At every step of the way we make sure you’re utilizing the latest in technology solutions that keep your business at the cutting edge and running smoothly. With 24/7/365 support including emergency service, your solution is only a phone call away.

For the company with an on-hand IT staff looking for a boost to the latest in virtualization and cloud computing, we offer collaborative consulting support to help get your current team up to speed on the latest implementations. Our team has decades of experience in multiple fields including financial, insurance, retail, software development, sound and music production, and many others. Our knowledable resources will speak your language and understand your needs from your perspective.

Data-BackupData Backup and Recovery

Your company data is invaluable and unreplaceable. It defines your business. The proper backup and recovery solution is vital. Whether your company has compliance standards it must meet, or internal policies to enforce easy recovery in the event of a disaster, we can help make sure you don’t lose the years of data accumulation that would cripple your operations should anything happen to your systems or location.

We implement the latest in on and off-site data storage technology in the forms of SAN, NAS, Solid state arrays, magnetic tape, offsite datacenter and cloud based offerings. Along with the latest in technology we can ensure your backups occur timely and smoothly with ongoing monitoring and mock recovery testing to keep your operations running confidently that your data is safe.

Vendor-Management Vendor Management

Dealing with vendors can range from being time consuming, confusing, expensive and inefficient to outright frustrating. We identify the best and most reliable vendors and facilitate the inventory process for you by identifying the best vendor for a given purchase as well as chronicling your service and warranty history so that dealing with vendors directly becomes a thing of the past for your company. There’s no need to spend hours on the phone when a hardware issue arises and no more wondering if your administrative assistant is ordering the right hardware. We handle it all for you.

Growth-Expansion Growth and Expansion Support

When your company grows, your network must adapt to change on the fly. We make sure your additional needs tie in seamlessly with your current infrastructure with minimum to no down time. From same site network expansion to site to site VPN endpoint implementations and collaborative remote software solutions, we can bridge your employees, departments and locations with the latest in virtualization and cloud computing solutions.

Road warriors and at home workers will remain in stride with your on location systems and collaborators as well as not losing their link to your network’s security and backup systems. Vital data integrity and replication remains on schedule and available even when working off-site for extended periods of time. The latest in software as a service and virtual profile management can make all of your network resources available anywhere and internet connection is available.

Technology-Training Technology Training

Staying on top of the latest technology can be daunting for many. Whether its the latest changes in age old computing software that has your employees in a tizzy over the new way to interact with software they’ve used for years or the implementation of that new custom company solution a department has just migrated to, we can come in and help simplify the process and keep your employees working efficiently.

We offer hands-on training for the entire Microsoft line of Office, SQL, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and much more. We can also train in many of the open source equivalent options available as well as many industry and departmental specific software products. We can also help migrate to new technologies methodologies such as working with cloud systems and adding mobile capabilities to employees who are used to more traditional environments.

Email-Support-Migration Email Support and Migration

Your email is the part of your data lifeline that spans every aspect of the operational life cycle. Having the right solution is vital. We help select and implement as well as migrate to the best email option, whether it be onsite Exchange or Linux based email systems as well off site hosted solutions such as Outlook and Office 365 as well as other vendor offerings.

We help make your email systems available where and when you need them, desktop, laptop, mobile, and cloud. Backup and archiving of your mail is vital for operational and compliance of standards and we make it easy for your company to stay connected with your communications needs. Email is your prime communication tool and we keep that tool available to your company wherever you are.